Customized portfolio solutions for Registered Investment Advisors

First Southern Securities prides itself in providing clients with much more than just timely trade executions. At First Southern Securities, we strive for a highly communicative relationship with each client as we construct portfolios in a holistic manner. We analyze the credit quality of current holdings, the duration of portfolios as well as the current and desired yield, in an effort to personalize solutions specifically for each account. Additionally, First Southern Securities assists with the ongoing monitoring of account holdings after portfolios are built. “Credit scrubs” are performed for current holdings to keep our clients abreast of situations in both the credit and equity marketplaces.  In turn, this extension of our services allows the RIA community to focus their efforts on growing their businesses as we aid them in monitoring their holdings.

First Southern works with most major custodians that serve the RIA marketplace via prime broker and trade-away settlement.

Fixed Income

Our expertise is in sourcing attractive tax-free municipal and taxable municipal offerings.  Additionally, we utilize corporate bonds, government securities, government agency securities and even CDs to round out portfolios.


We provide equity trade recommendations and execution focusing on Closed End Funds, Preferreds and ETFs to complement our clients’ fixed income portfolios.

The Benefits of trading with us include:

  • Better pricing
  • Better service
  • Liquidity